Rules & Conditions for the Gaimin Airdrop

1) Airdrop participants should continue following the airdrop tasks, which they have participated in until the token distribution is completed.

2) The referral program is unlimited. Please note that the balance shown by the bot is preliminary and might change after further checks upon the completion of the airdrop period.

3) Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your EOS wallet. The distribution will begin 2 months after the airdrop comes to an end.

4) Please note that every single entry will be carefully checked. In case of the detection of any cheating attempt…

Yes, gamers will eventually become grandparents, and some already are…but what happens to their (and our) digital stuff when we die?

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It is like wallets being stockpiled with cash, but no way of returning them to their owners, for lack of ID

If you are a gamer, then generally your in-game assets die with you. Either that, or your beneficiaries have to have the same gaming interest and the deceased’s passwords…an unlikely situation.

Firstly there is the marketplace to consider:

Can we go from an unrecognised value outside a specific market place to being traded for USD, or Euros or…whatever…

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Melody: Today we welcome the owner, founder and CEO of Breezemaxweb, Andrew Faridani. Having worked in sales throughout Canada, North America and Europe, Andrew has a wealth of experience in property development and nightclubs and most recently, over the last 18 years, been focused on his online marketing company based in Toronto.

Andrew, it is great to be able to spend some time with you.

Andrew: Thank you Melody.

Melody: Andrew, your focus has been on Breezemaxweb for almost twenty years now. What made you consider getting involved in Gaimin?

Andrew: The moment the concept was explained to me I…

OR as Neil Armstrong actually said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

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Gaimin’s software was deployed into Live Beta testing on 20th October 2020.

“A Covid-19, recession-resistant, increasingly recognised sector meets its game-changing, social and dollar integrated solution.” claimed one of Gaimin’s Top Advisors

No fanfare, no celebrations, just business as usual, and definitely…no drama.

The process is similarly drama free, and is running smoothly. This applies to all aspects, of Gaimin phase Zero:

  • The NEP (Network Expansion Plan) software is running to support the onboarding of gamers and thereby generate further development revenue — no small matter…
  • The mining algorithms and their AI underpinnings have been proven to be effective and…

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If you have participated in the bounty and airdrop program here’s a quick update, in bullet format, that you should read so you are fully informed.

Before we start may I personally thank you for participating. In the end, approximately 20,000 people like yourself enthusiastically took part (which was way more than we expected), and on behalf of everyone connected with I’d like to express our gratitude for your efforts in building and forming part of our community.

~Martin Speight, CEO ~

Ok, here are the latest updates:

- The Gaimin bounty and airdrop program officially ended…

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What do you think is real? If someone hands over money for an item, it has to be real, right?

What if you could sell virtual land and similar assets for real-world gains?

Well you can! To shed more light on this right now, let’s begin with…….

Decentraland. That is a good starting point. A dreamily vibed home page which scrolls and renders in a 3-D like effect and invites you in to explore. Here you will find that you can buy and own virtual assets, such as plots of land And you can sell them. …

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Is Anyone Regulating the Gaming Companies?

Whether you follow Oscar Wilde who asserted that “life imitates art…or the great Mark Twain who was quoted as saying truth is stranger than fiction. 2020 has so far been rather more George Orwell.

What is really going on behind the console? The point is that life is often more oblique, absurd and unfeasible to a greater extent than we think likely. You could make it up, but only if your imagination was seriously deranged — expect the unexpected.

Are games an artificial construct completely or do they in fact imitate real life, just…

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Just because you are using the TV, a console, your phone, laptop or gaming PC does not mean that you are condemned to be a couch potato.

Here in the UK Joe Wicks has seen his profile grow rapidly thanks to daily workout videos on You Tube. After 111 minutes the view count was up at nearly 88k views. Joe has an easy going personality and is establishing a world wide following.

Of course, there are other alternatives out there. The overall point is that digital and virtual does not mean inferior or have to play into stereotypes of goth…

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The Korea eSports Industry Association (KeIA) signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with, a blockchain gaming platform based in United Kingdom and finalised the collaboration terms on 23 February 2020.

KeIA, founded in 2019 aims to revitalize the eSports industry, protect the rights of eSports players and create win-win cooperation and synergies between members of the Association and their affiliations.

“The role of the eSports industry is emphasized as a new growth engine to lead innovation growth in the economic world during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I am sure what we are doing now for the industry will add…

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We think it’s about time we introduced another of our key advisors to our followers. Beverley Warburton is a well-respected corporate advisor to the direct selling community. Hi Bev, can you give an introduction to yourself please?

Bev: Hi, I was fortunate to stumble into my career in the direct selling industry working with UK and French companies in the mid-1980s. A world of opportunity opened up to me, when I joined a US software house that still today provides solutions and consultancy services to direct selling companies on four continents. …


The project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming

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