GAIMIN: Platform Updates. April 2023.
3 min readApr 30, 2023

Our GAIMIN platform has made significant progress once again. Below is a summary of the latest release notes, along with links to the full release notes.

Don’t forget, if you have already installed GAIMIN, you can update it to the latest version by opening the platform, and if you haven’t yet tried GAIMIN, we invite you to become a tester by visiting

Here are some of the details with links to the full release notes below:

Feature Updates Application:


  • User notification for receiving donations now added.
  • Anonymous donation facility added.
  • PoW version decision updated every 30 minutes.
  • Lima Winners added to Collections.
  • Support for BSC and BSC_TESTNET chains added to achievements.
  • [23.3.5] BNB Easter Campaigns 1, 2 and 3.
  • #1 — Monetize for 5 hours.
  • #2 — DOTA2 Lima Winners Quiz.
  • #3–8/8 correct answers for GMRX and Lima Winners NFT.


  • Refactoring of achievement flow to optimize Achievement.Mapper and optimize its performance through removal of unused logic.
  • Addition of process flow to permit filtering by transaction type (Reward, Withdrawal, Bonus etc).
  • Provision of list of transactions to the user on “My Account” page.
  • Redesign of NEP logic from user- to device-based logic to reflect change in “per user” focus to “per device” focus.
  • Change authorization from Device to User for get-referral-link endpoint.
  • Additional parameter added to download URL — invitingUserId. Various changes to parsing and incorporation of data into platform databases.
  • Zammand chat added to

Functionality Updates — Application and Cloud:

  • Customers can “Calculate Cost” of rendering if balance > $15.
  • Following the frame completed in analysis, charge transaction is immediately created.
  • Addition of the “Return” button on the “buy coins” page in mobile design.

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes — Application and Cloud:

  • Refactoring of mechanism to obtain NFTs marketplace assets from Venly, improve performance of the selection mechanism.
  • Creation of unit-tests for services plus additional unit-tests for mining and rendering services and documentation added to documentation repository.
  • Incorrect reporting of Blender error when frame in the output folder corrected.
  • When a customer pauses a rendering job, rendering is now paused immediately and a new monetization decision updated.
  • Correction to display 0 balance in wallet if “Send Funds” is selected.
  • Wallet tab functionality corrected to display “See More” in “Activity” table.
  • Browser auto-launched on running of “npm ren test:code-coverage”.
  • Correction to disappearing “My Device” information on logout — information now displayed.
  • Rendering time calculation updated to provide time in status update on /worker/status endpoint.
  • Display of tweets without media is now correct.
  • Correction to “white slider” function when 50+ frames are rendered.
  • All frames now added to render the result following analysis.
  • Migration to new “sendgrid” account completed.
  • New designs added to “successful” and “failed” payment results.
  • Error in “top up amount” corrected in popup notifying “insufficient balance”.
  • Removal of hard coded port of errors from alerts channel to stop them appearing in Kibana.
  • Incorporation of all existing workers documentation into GAIMIN documentation repository.
  • Addition to internal dashboard to include user monetizing time.
  • Correction of error when changing accounts from qa to personal.
  • Removal of dedicated GTA/Minecraft controller code following conversion to GAIMIN APIs.
  • Addition of ETHEREUM to Chain enum (Mainnet and Testnet) and changes to database chain for associated smart contracts.
  • Correction to process to claim streaming rewards where duplicate rewards could be fully claimed where multiple devices are signed into the same account.
  • Correct process now applied to reading properties for undefined mining services.
  • Process change to stop duplicate product APIs being updated incorrectly.
  • Correction to handling of login with invalid credentials when used with Accept-Language containing uk-UA.

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, here, here and here)

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