GAIMIN: Platform Updates. August 2023.
3 min readAug 30


Our GAIMIN project progress continues. See the latest release notes, with links for more information at the foot of this update.

If you already have GAIMIN installed, you get the latest version by launching the platform, and just letting it auto-update. And if you haven’t experienced GAIMIN yet, we’d love to have you as a tester, just go here and download

Here’s the summary in bullet format:

Feature Updates

— Platform

  • Transfer of Venly service functionality from Vendly Widget to Venly Wallet API

— App

  • New collections added for PUBG Mobile, Riyadh Masters DOTA2
  • Reduction in min withdrawal amount to 20 USDC
  • General tidy up of achievements and collections on the QA database

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes

  • Fix applied to endpoint return status
  • Refactoring of backend error types to differentiate between “user fix” and “non user fix”
  • All workers updated to remove business logic and dependencies
  • Zammad log files updated to include additional information — platform version, device token and user email
  • Database updated to allow images to be uploaded to Google Cloud Storage and retried via URL
  • Streamer icons now obtained from dynamic images as opposed to using a “hardcoded” value
  • Amended design for DGA popup applied to remove cropping
  • Description for “Unexpected Error” changed to refer to data type unexpected error and not the value (as was previously used for error validation)
  • Removed error which allowed more than 1 registration for The Harvest
  • Added updated functionality to monitor database servers and report when tolerances are met or exceeded
  • Deletion of old database backups from 2022 as no longer needed
  • Security update to hide user data in /api/users/auth endpoint
  • Update to admin panel to include “no results found” for tables that do not have records
  • Monetization switch refactored due to inconsistent operation
  • Migration of workers cron to http calls
  • Update to process to generate worker_name to ensure worker_name is unique
  • Column symbol added to tokens section
  • Correct name for “Events” table now displayed
  • Removal of The Harvest game
  • Migrate all references of “BSC” to “BNB Chain” including “send in” requests and “parse from responses”
  • Reduction in gas fees by removing sending of statistics to testnet BNB with Statistics tracking
  • Change in error notification if file size >10Mb is sent using help function
  • Change in coding approach to redefine “mapping” method annotation to make it more descriptive
  • Refactoring of “RequestMatcher” to skip logging for some endpoints
  • Update to functionality to improve Okta password changes
  • Improvement in loading data delay after date range change
  • Change to error message in situations where a reward is claimed for a user with no devices
  • Removal of back end data relating to removal of The Harvest game
  • Improvement to design of GTA V banner
  • Change in name for Events table

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, and here)

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