GAIMIN: Platform Updates. February 2023.
5 min readFeb 28


We’ve continued working diligently on our GAIMIN Web 3 gaming platform and cloud this month, and we’re excited to share the latest updates.

If you’ve already installed GAIMIN, simply open the platform to update to the latest version. If you haven’t tried GAIMIN yet, head over to to become a tester.

Here are the key TL;DR highlights of this month’s updates:

  • We had a cool update to the GAIMIN platform main page to add the Daily Rewards and Achievements to help people more easily claim them
  • Continued paying rendering rewards as we progress on the advanced testing clients of the MVP rendering of the
  • Also made the website live and further optimized and improved the backend
  • Continued our work with The Harvest Game team in preparation for its launch
  • Added approx 1000 more testers to our network
  • Ran the initial test of the new Quiz feature which was a success
  • Added a new exciting “Watch and Earn” Twitch Livestreams feature, and tested it successfully
  • Added new NFT collectibles
  • And much more… full details of all updates below.

Here are the more detailed updates with links to the full release notes below…

Feature Updates Application:

  • Achievements updated — new “12 hours unlock” achievement added
  • Technical functionality added to support “Events” feature
  • Hovers added for NFT and all “big blue” buttons
  • Addition of Quiz page functionality
  • API endpoint added for Quiz functionality
  • Update images in Streamers page
  • Achievements moved to Home page
  • API endpoint added for Quiz functionality
  • Creation of endpoint in Streaming API to return the conversion rate and watch time
  • Calculation of pending reward for use in Streaming API endpoint
    NEP progress bar reinstated for 10 hours of monetization
  • Withdrawal verification process changed to create a new separate job which is executed every hour via a cron job
  • Allow “hiding” of devices in display list
  • Re-organisation of devices in display according to “hidden” status
    Allocation of streaming rewards automated

Functionality Updates — Application and Cloud:

  • Implementation of payment flow process to pay out to active users providing rendering services — Creation of 2 workers for payout flow
  • Amendment to process to ensure client can always calculate the cost of a potential render job even if their balance is 0. However they can only “continue rendering” if they have enough money to pay for the analysis.
  • Addition of functionality to return cost of analysis
  • Transaction record not displayed for debit < 0.01
  • getProject endpoint updated to show number of completed/total frames
    In project list, Render status renamed to “New”
  • API endpoint updated GET client/job updated with “return completed/total frames” per job
  • Updated to rename of blender file function — new name only displays after page reload
  • Email sent to customer when rendering analysis has been completed.
    Addition of functionality to return cost of analysis
  • Balance update timeout changed to reduce time to update balance after account balance is topped up.
  • Resume DOTA2 NFT claims to allow new Lima Major NFTs to be collected via Achievements
  • Update to “user” table to add company/community devices to provide valid user ids
  • Functionality added to enable viewing of inner folders in directory
    Rendered frames are updated in the “Render” result section as they become available
  • Email validation now available for sendgrid
  • Removal of ignoreWarnings parameter from start-rendering request to continue rendering and ignore warnings
  • Carousel for rendering results popup now shows the frame name and displays left and right arrows to go to previous and next frames
  • Validation on length of project name added to stop error messages when large project name added

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes — Application and Cloud:

  • Database search field corrected to enable correct verification of payment processing for render_worker
  • Technical update to add achievement type into back-end
  • API “total-reward” updated to add stats for ERG and ETC
  • Update to name input field to comply with ActiveCampaign requirements
  • Ergo mining stats added to internal reporting dashboard
  • Correction to display notification for new registered user via referral link
  • Correction to identification of duplicate Tweets and stopping display of duplicates
  • Issue with Home page display after platform restart corrected
  • Copyright year updated to 2023 in displayed areas
  • “See More” button — correct behavior applied to function
  • Removal of “white line” when mouse hovers over a banner
  • Okta login text changes to co-ordinate text with Oka style and formats
  • Fix applied to stop rendering of the same frame my multiple users
  • Error with searching the project folder stopping display of blender file fixed
  • Fix to balance display if client balance 0
  • Fix to display of file upload line overlap when scrolling down page
  • Action buttons for Rename and Remove actions in “Project” search now perform as expected
  • Fix to screen jump when uploaded a new file
  • Fix to file rename to remove duplicate “.blend” extension if “.blend” is already showing as the extension
  • Database constraints added
  • Addition of designs to support mobile solution
  • Addition of correct icon to browser tab
  • Update to design to show “loader” option for bottom part of “Project” page and loading of render images
  • Scrolling added to “Project” and “Render” pages so header displays balance but projects are scrollable
  • Pagination added to list of transactions to make them more readable/presentable
  • Refactoring of error message when “Remove” option selected but file cannot be removed
  • Icons for different file types now added
  • Error on icon blinking corrected
  • Galxe integration to support Valentine’s Day promotion
  • Correction to GMRX rewards whilst watching a stream — GMRX only increases now if Stream window is in focus and not minimized.
  • Correct operation of mining endpoints when rendering functionality operating
  • Transaction type amended to make specific reference to rendering reward transaction
  • Update to backend database to include existing NFT items’ metadata in the database.
  • Refactoring of database queries to remove use of filtering — increases performance and assists testing
  • Trigger for data cleanup changed — originally done after starting analysis, moved to endpoint for the update.
  • Re-implement “Device” authentication scheme prefix into database
    Addition of epic for unit tests
  • One-time claimed time-based Achievements remain showing on Profile page
  • Placeholder added to Achievements page to stop “jumping” during loading of NFTs
  • Incorrect Okta forms navigation corrected
  • Incorrect hovering action over NFTs in Marketplace corrected
  • Incorrect action for “locked” image on Referrals corrected
  • USDC amounts truncated to show just 4 decimal places after decimal point
  • Change purple color in SendGrid buttons
  • QA environment updated to show real USDC transactions to assist in QA
  • Implement changes to Venly domains for wallet access
  • Migration of services to new Venly domains
  • Correction of handling or Errors from Okta
  • Amendment to security process for handling minimum amount withdrawals
  • Fixes to resolve issues when using Firefox browser
  • Change of displayed text — change “coupon” to “promocode”
  • Change to display of costs to add “0” if second decimal place is “0”
  • Creation of separate databases to separate prod and qa environments
  • Added database index to endpoint get job/list to speed up job retrieval
  • Amended functionality to allow the same file to be uploaded in a different job folder without the page reloading before uploading
  • Endpoint name for coupon usage changed
  • Updated hover text added for status bar
  • Username made case independent

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

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