GAIMIN: Platform Updates. July 2023.
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Our GAIMIN project continues to make solid progress. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the latest release notes, and for more in-depth details, kindly refer to the provided links.

Remember, if you already have GAIMIN installed, you get the latest version by launching the platform, and just letting it auto-update. And if you haven’t experienced GAIMIN yet, we’d love to have you as a tester, just go here and download

Ok, here are some of the details with links to the full release notes below:

Feature Updates

  • Elastic and render Kibana removed from Docker with version number update.
  • Filebrowser removed from QA and Prod clusters.


  • [23.7.3] Statistics smart contract implemented.
  • [23.7.3] Implementation of endpoint to provide BNB to cover transaction fee.
  • [23.7.3] Track device daily activity.
  • [23.7.4] GTA V races switched off.
  • Maximum size of multipart file increased for spring config.
  • Daily logins are now available in the backoffice dashboard.
  • Added support for BNB USDC.
  • Update to all installed packages and libraries to facilitate new
  • Dashboard requirements.
  • NBMiner replaced it with a more efficient miner.
  • Bank functionality switched to separate smart contracts to remove balance vulnerability.


  • Ordering of achievements implemented to allow for manual allocation of order.
  • Marketplace “getOffers” refactored to improve performance.
  • Streamer images now acquired from the server and stored in the database.
  • Pagination added to Achievements to facilitate ordering changes.

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes

  • [23.7.1] JDBC Connection acquisition fixed.
  • [] Further issue with JDBC connection fixed.
  • [] Hide BNB from Chain selection drop down.
  • Fix applied to allow the user to log in with temp password and then change password on first login.
  • Fix to display charts and chart legends in the new Dashboard.
  • Correction of incorrect highlighting in benchmarking.
  • Amendment to message sent to Support when a Help Center request is submitted.
  • App icon updated to new version of GAIMIN “G” logo.
  • Correction of NFT to DGA on banner on Home page tab.
  • Fix to Error 401 report Unauthorized Request on miner update.
  • Contrast line graphic added to app to show position of window border.
  • Tidy up of Achievements and Collectables to align QA database with PROD environment.
  • Fix to Marketplace filtering error.
  • Error message now provided to use when password verification fails.
  • Correction to process handling for temporary passwords to now display a “password reset” prompt.
  • Change design for “Coming Soon” image — change from white to blue background to indicate the button is not clickable.
  • Implementation of changes to improve project building times.
  • Download link amended to provide updated information for new Dashboard stats.
  • Smart contract address for daily logins changes for QA and Local environments.
  • New endpoint created to return user role.
  • User role from new endpoint used within admin panel.
  • Error on role-based display of monetization time page corrected.
  • Cron job implemented to clean up storage and deactivate jobs with no interactions.
  • Fix to incorrect page redirect to site.
  • Fix to sorting of wallet transactions.

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, here, and here)

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