GAIMIN: Platform Updates. June 2023.
2 min readJul 6


We are thrilled to announce another solid month of progress made on our GAIMIN platform and business. Below, you’ll find a brief summary of the latest release notes, and for more detailed information, please refer to the links provided.

(Besides these updates we have been busy with our upcoming mobile app development, more on that later.)

Remember, if you already have GAIMIN installed, you can effortlessly update it to the latest version by launching the platform. And if you haven’t experienced GAIMIN yet, we extend an invitation for you to participate as a tester by visiting

Here are some of the details with links to the full release notes below:

Feature Updates

- Platform

  • Migration of worker frame uploading from filebrowser to storage API

- App

  • Battle of Olympus game added
  • Collections changed to reflect monetization in minutes as opposed to hours

Bug Fixes and Cosmetic/UI Changes

  • Fix to correct metadata transaction status for NFT burning for the GTA V time trial.
  • All documentation moved from Confluence to Notion.
  • Correction to retention of userID for referral link when button added for downloading the platform.
  • Error with sync of tweets corrected.
  • Updates to text for GTA V time trial.
  • Updates to cronjob for unsupported node pool.
  • Homepage banner updated.
  • [] Correction of connection of BNB wallet.
  • [] Correction for purchase of Polygon NFTs.
  • [] Monetization time return changed from hours to minutes.
  • [] Achievement page updates to reflect change from hours to minutes.
  • [] Change in substitution of default wallet address with default now BNB wallet.
  • [] Update to logic to execute the correct verification process if a non-BNB Wallet is loaded and the user claims race achievement NFT.
  • [] Correction operation of donation function fixed.
  • [] Navigation process corrected when a new user creates a new BNB wallet and navigates to GTA V time trial event.
  • [] Correction to deployment issue on qa cluster.
  • [] [] Withdrawal temporarily turned off to resolve issues with potential duplicate withdrawals.
  • [] Timeout added for third-party calls.
  • GTA V Event end date changed.
  • Amended to GTA V leaderboard to remove null results.
  • Number of logs reports reduced — many are from Venly marketplace and not needed.

(You can find the links to the latest full release notes here, here, here, and here)

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