GAIMIN — Project News and Updates — June 2023
3 min readJul 3


June was one of the biggest months ever for GAIMIN. You can see some of the highlights below….

(If you are new to GAIMIN, then for a complete review of “The GAIMIN Project”, we recommend you also take a look at our Presentation Deck.)

Ok, here are June’s highlights:

  • We have become “The First Company to Power AI Models Through High Powered, Distributed Gaming PCs” — this is hugely exciting and one of the most significant achievements since we started.
  • This future “Powering AI” monetization option, which is still at an early development stage, is our most exciting to date and is in addition to our ability to monetize spare gaming PC GPU power through the intelligent powering of blockchains and our existing video rendering option.
  • And in case anyone still had any doubt about the demand for GPU power… NVIDIA’s stock exploded in the last weeks, bringing its market cap to almost $1 trillion! Now among the top 6 largest companies on the planet. All driven by the demand for computing power for generative AI… and Elon Musk talked about the shortage of GPUs.
  • And talking about GPUs, we accelerated our GAIMIN platform downloads and reached an average of over 1500 per day in these last 30 days, and accumulated the required marketing data to scale further in the coming months as and when needed.
  • We also continued our ongoing brand-building efforts and partnership building including becoming members of the prestigious Blockchain Game Alliance.
  • We continued to speak with game developers and have games lined up to add to our GAIMIN platform (first one added), including games that will use our own dev tools to add Web3 features to their existing Web2 games.
  • We also have a Web3 Chess game of our own in development (Chess is huge online), as well as our own “coming soon” custom Rust server with our own custom Web3 interoperable, cross-game, utility, digital gaming asset integration.
  • We developed custom tech to run in-house game events and tournaments, you can see details of our first one here and our custom landing/promo page here.
  • We have also almost finished preparation for our first CSGO promotion event, using the tech from the above GTA event. Our ability to run these internal events will help us with further gaming industry partnerships — we are in conversations with a few large gaming communities about this already.
  • We announced a long term partnership between Winline and Gaimin Gladiators. You can learn more about it here.
  • All of our Gaimin Gladiators teams have secured qualification for all upcoming major esports events, assuring continued and ongoing promotion of the GAIMIN brand on a mass scale.

And our Gaimin Gladiators made history…

As you can see it’s been an amazing month, we trust you enjoy the updates. More to come in July.

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The project connects the unused, distributed GPU resources from the global gaming community to the growing worldwide demand for data processing power.