GAIMIN — Project News and Updates — September 2023–200k Downloads, and Growing Fast…
3 min readOct 3, 2023

September was another very strong month… We continued to build some serious traction in terms of downloads and users, and we’ve now begun a big push for community growth.

In fact, so much happened in September that it’s tough to pick out just a few of the highlights for this update.

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Links to some of September’s highlights:

  • We reached 200k downloads! This is a huge milestone for GAIMIN! We’re grateful for every single gamer who is playing on our platform! Although we share a sense of pride at this moment, this number is NOTHING compared to what you will see when GMRX disrupts the entire gaming industry in spectacular fashion…SOON!
  • Our Rust server is now live! Head over to our GAIMIN platform and you will be able to find it in the “Games” section. Follow the steps and join! (More games are on the way).
  • “GAIMIN’s Rise Continues!” We are getting serious traction in our DAUs (Daily Active Users). On DappRadar’s latest 30-day rankings, we are 1st in the “Marketplace” category on the BNB chain (out of 214) — 2nd in the “Games” category on the BNB chain (out of 884) — 9th across all categories on the BNB chain (out of 4980) — 9th in the “Marketplace” category across all chains (out of 660) and 17th in the “Games” category across all chains (out of 2408). See the full details here.
  • Our team has been very active on Twitter Spaces, here are the links to a few of them so you can listen in, there is some amazing information shared: KOOK VS GAIMINGaming MegaspaceBNB Chain.
  • We announced that to further build our community and bring people together in a fun way we will be launching an NFT collection that will give people crazy unlocks of in-game items on the platform such as cool traits and more, plus unlock platform credits of $GMRX to spend in the platform on different games, V-Bucks and more.

And of course, our Gaimin Gladiators have also been doing their part (as they always do) in our continued growth and brand establishment in the gaming world. Here are just a few “GG” highlights…

  • Gaimin Gladiators esports teams have been doing amazing this past year, and as the web3 gaming ambassadors of BNB CHAIN, you can see the cool anniversary congrats video we made for them here.
  • Champions… Again! Our family continues to contribute to the history books of Dota. One more tournament leaves its mark in our hearts and serves as a showcase. GGs to TSM see you again at TI. Thanks to the BB squad for inviting us to this tourney, which was full of fun.
  • And this is HUGE: We have been nominated for this year’s Esports Awards for the following: Esports Team of the Year, Esports Coach of the Year, and Esports Player (PC) of the Year.

As you can see it’s been another mega month. We really hope you enjoy reading the updates. A lot more to come this month of October, which has already started strongly.

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The project connects the unused, distributed GPU resources from the global gaming community to the growing worldwide demand for data processing power.