GAIMIN Welcomes Joseph as Their Chief Gaming Advisor for English Speaking Markets
2 min readAug 26, 2021


Joseph Turner Chief Gaming Advisor for Gaimin

Joseph Turner, appointed as key gaming advisor for GAIMIN’s preparation for a full scale launch.

A massively experienced and enthusiastic gamer, player, coach, and strategic advisor, Joseph is emphatic about the Gaimin project’s potential.

Gaimin is delighted that Joseph is on board. They have known one another since a completely random and “just fate really” meeting in Manchester 2 years ago…

To be expanded upon, in another article, but, aside from assisting and advising on Gaimin’s Governmental R & D grant applications, Joseph has gaming running through his blood. A world top 100 player, coach to successful teams, and above all someone with factual and instinctive knowledge of what gamers want with a certainty that Gaimin can deliver.

Joseph emphasises the gamer-centric aspects of what Gaimin is doing. Offering gamers financial rewards for simply leaving their computers running. Enabling no-cost investment into their passions. Cross gaming platform utility in Gaimin’s GMRX tokens, all will be game-changers in Joseph’s view.

The real world value in what will be a utility token stands out too. The demand side from gamers — cost to acquire gamers is minimal and the project is commercially stable from the outset — point to an entity that can thrive rather than just survive during any market fluctuations. Heck, a pandemic even bolstered the gaming sector, but pandemic or not, gaming still grows and grows. It is a phenomenal market to be offering a game-changer suite of services. Of that, Joseph and everyone involved in the project is convinced.

The future will be marked by safe and steady progress in Joseph’s view. Ensuring all aspects of the UIs for gamers, all of the systems that lie beneath will need monitoring and tweaking. However, for the project, of the vast value to gamers, Joseph has only enthusiasm and no doubts. Whatsoever!

The successful and effective tie ups with Polygon and the Matic platform for example will appeal to gamers, the lifeblood of the business, with the reduction of gas fees for NFTs. As for NFTs well that is another whole new world that Gaimin is going to explore with Joseph’s input.

The anticipation is immense. The delivery is going to result in a game-changing process.

Another space to watch.

Gaimin continues to develop its team of associates and advisors…



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