The digital and gaming worlds, similar to the real world, just not the same.

The current worldwide health challenges only underline the anticipation that is building in a similar way to’s momentum.

F1 drives on virtually. As that video of the “not the Bahrain GP” illustrates.

Motor racing in digital form is everywhere right now

At the time of writing in late March 2020, the suspension of the season is expected to last beyond May. Getting things back up and running will take time even when restrictions are lifted.

The IGN video embedded here mentions the suspension of gaming events including expos and launches. The hardware and software depends on workers being able to work. Releases of new products as well as updates are likely to be hit in the coming months at least.

Meanwhile in times of stress and crisis, we need our release and sport has a significant social role. When traditional sports are suspended, alternatives are welcome, or even necessary, and eventually, demanded, in order to fill the gap.

As more people play and observe esports and online video games than ever before, the bandwidth demanded by video and film screening services increases dramatically.

As prepares to bring its full suite of services to market it seems more and more like an idea whose time is here — one only has to look at the latest, exciting Memorandums of Understanding with other synergistic businesses

All of those gamers could be earning in real time when they are in gaming down time. Now that is something to think about?

Computational Power (link to previous article for this phrase please?) is increasingly demanded and supply is reducing. We can hardly wait until we begin the release of each of our separate streams of service. We will be fessing up more info and details in the coming weeks. The momentum is building.



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The project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.5 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming