What is Blockchain Technology?

Before Blockchain — Servers and The Cloud

Most of what you do on the internet today as far as surfing your favourite sites, uploading/downloading, instant messaging, emailing, watching videos, etc, is facilitated via servers. The easiest way to think about a server is that it is a bank of often powerful computers with extremely large hard drives (read: storage capacity). When you access a website, send a file, or receive an instant message — it was likely facilitated via a server.

Example of how to access a website today
  1. Security — Both physical and digital.
  2. Energy — Powering and cooling, etc.
  3. Overhead — Land, building maintenance, etc.
  4. Servers — Capital equipment.
  1. People — People can be hacked/leveraged.
  2. Technology — Software can also be hacked or otherwise modified/tampered with.
  3. Force Majeure — Having servers in one location runs the risk of being taken down by floods, fire, earthquakes, etc.
  4. Government — Data regulation changes, regime changes, etc.

Blockchain Technology

So how does Blockchain Technology work?

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

So why even make the transition from servers to blockchain technology?

  1. Security — As mentioned earlier, servers and people are subject to a number of malicious or simply unfortunate circumstances. Even if you have multiple server backups in different locations and other failsafes, your costs as a business owner skyrocket. Blockchain eliminates those potential security risks by ensuring the information is distributed.
  2. Costs — Servers and their associated costs are extremely high. Blockchain eliminates many of these cost drivers, such as: physical & digital security, energy, capital equipment, and server-associated overhead.

Problems with Blockchain Technology

Even with these benefits/improvements, blockchain technology is not perfect.

Visual Representations of Centralized, Decentralized, and Distributed Networks


Gaimin.io solves both of these issues. By reducing almost all barriers to entry into blockchain technology and mining. Gaimin.io software allows anyone with a decent GPU to mine, thus reducing anyone person or group’s capability of controlling 51% of the computing power. By enabling hundreds of millions of people to become miners for blockchain networks, the issue of over-centralization is solved.

Gaimin.io Blockchain Mining Software Application



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The Gaimin.io project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.5 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming